THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: MdP Serial – Understanding the cultural clash in the country of our most valuable ally

Present battle for the soul of the nation
Even though the US is going through a battle for the soul of this great nation, they’re still our most valuable ally. We should keep calm and keep on going in establishing as many, broad and deep relations as possible. And we should deepen our understanding of what is really going on in the biggest western democracy. It’s a much, much deeper cultural clash than just the person being POTUS. Probably we will face similar confrontations in the EU and in Germany in the future. And we should be smart enough to learn and understand, to prevent or at least prepare for the challenges appearing on the horizon.

Regional disparities as one dimension of a nation’s soul
Let’s have a look at the geographical distribution of the GDP in the US today. Regional disparities are one dimension of the battle for the soul of the nation. What can we learn: Let’s definitely continue our policy of avoiding and minimizing regional disparities in our country, or even better in the European Union.

The infographics were produced and published by based on data aggregated by the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the World Bank

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