Interessante Karte: Verteidigungsindustrie am Bodensee

Michaels Meinung: Die Welt ist ein unsicherer Ort und wird derzeit nicht unbedingt sicherer. Es ist wichtig, dass wir in Deutschland nicht „blauäugig“ werden, sondern die Bundeswehr wieder leistungsfähiger machen. Unsere Verteidigungsindustrie ist ein wichtiger Pfeiler für die nationale, die europäische und westliche Sicherheit im Rahmen der NATO. MdP wird ohne falsche Berührungsängste auch über diese Branche berichten. 


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Fascinating graphics show who owns all the major beer brands in the world

Michaels Meinung: Die Kenntnis über Netzwerkstrukturen, seien es persönliche oder unternehmerische, sind für Entscheidungsprozesse in der Politik von größter Wichtigkeit. MdP wird daher großen Wert darauf legen, diese Beziehungsgeflechte in einer Sammlung mehr und mehr darzustellen. Diese Sammlung wird eigene Recherchen aber auch bereits durchgeführte Investigationen enthalten. So stay tuned. 


The Top 100 Companies: Revenue vs. Profit


Today’s data visualization from Ishtyaq Habib shows the top 100 biggest companies by market value and uses circles to represent both the revenue and profit for each company.


It’s that Apple is unparalleled in its ability to make money. In fact, Apple’s 2016 profit of $45 billion is far bigger than any other company, including Berkshire Hathaway ($24 billion), JPMorgan Chase ($24 billion), Wells Fargo ($22 billion), Alphabet ($19 billion), Samsung ($19 billion), Toyota ($17 billion), Johnson & Johnson ($16 billion), or Walmart ($14 billion).

The only companies that can compare with Apple were Chinese banks like ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, or China Construction Bank, but in many ways, these state-owned enterprises are on an entirely different playing field, anyways.

Also impressive: Apple’s profits are bigger than the revenues of massive companies like Coca-Cola ($41.5 billion) or Facebook ($27.6 billion).

Unfortunately, not every company can make a 21% profit margin on $217 billion of revenue like Apple.

Other organizations need to rely on razor-thin margins and volume to make things work. Walmart only brought in $14 billion of profit off of a whopping $485 billion of revenue – a margin of just 2.8%. Meanwhile, fast-growing Amazon was in a similar boat with margins of 1.7%, largely provided by its wildly successful AWS service.

Lastly, it is also worth noting that some on the list did not make a margin at all. These are mostly companies that are suffering from the challenges of down cycles in natural resources. Chevron and mining giant Glencore, for example, were two of the Top 100 Companies that both lost money in 2016, while BP essentially broke even.

by: Visualcapitalist

The facts and figures that make space mining real

Michael’s opinion: MdP will check if Germany industry and private German companies are using the opportunities in the field of asteroid mining. So stay tuned…:)

While many still see space mining as science fiction, news about steps towards the creation of a resources industry and manufacturing supply chain out off-Earth continues to grab headlines.

The latest news comes from global recruitment expert Fircroft, which specializes in the oil and gas industry, and which recently put together a telling infographic outlining the main facts and figures that make space mining way more than a pipe dream:




Why asteroid mining can create a trillion-dollar industry

Michael’s opinion: MdP will check if Germany industry and private German companies are using the opportunities in the field of asteroid mining. So stay tuned…:)


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Space mining start-up Planetary Resources has put together quite the infographic to explain how asteroid mining will create a trillion-dollar industry.

The company says there are over 1,500 asteroids as easy to get to as the surface of the Moon. They are also in Earth-like orbits with small gravity fields, which make them easier to approach and depart.

Sources: and Planetary Ressources