MdP – MUST READ: Die Geschichte der Welt von Ewald Frie

Das Zeitalter der Globalisierung bringt eine neue Art der Geschichtsschreibung hervor, die Weltgeschichte oder auch Globalgeschichte. Historischen Fragestellungen werden in einer die Weltregionen übergreifenden Perspektive behandelt. Gegenstandsbereiche sind Kulturen und Staatsgrenzen überschreitende Einflüsse und Wechselwirkungen. 

Die „Geschichte der Welt“ des deutschen Historikers Ewald Frie kann ich zur Lektüre bestens empfehlen.  

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MdP – MUST READ ARTICLE: „The Uprising of the Global Middle Class“ published in The Atlantic

Battle for the soul of the nation in the US a premonition of national clashes worldwide
The current battle for the soul of the United States of America is not about a Trump. It’s a premonition for global inner-cultural and national clashes caused by the globalization of the economy and, even more, by the globalization of the information flow, which fortunately cannot be longer controlled by the mass media.

The political road ahead will get a little bumpy 
Basically, these are very good developments, but the political road ahead will get a little bumpy and we have to expect some turbulences. So my advice for everyone in the political arena: Let’s stay on course and tighten the helmets a bit more firmly.

MUST READ: The Atlantic – The Uprising of the Global Middle class by Moises Naim


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MdP OPINION 202: G20 – It really Makes Sense

G20 – Negotiations instead of Wars
The riots and crimes in Hamburg caused a discussion in Germany if the G20 meetings make sense and are worth their price. I think this is a ridiculous discussion. Of course, they make sense. If you have a look at the infographic you will see what an immense political and economic power the G20 states have in our globalized economy. It’s a fantastic discussion and decision making platform and it replaces war threats by communication. In the past armed conflicts were caused by much lesser important topics than the ones being discussed and solved on the G20 meetings. Let’s be proud on mankind to have formed a cooperation like this.


Being G20 Host – The Difference between a Successful State or a State in Decay
And of course, it’s much better to have the G20 meetings not solely at the UN HQ in NYC as some political parties want. If you don’t want to have international negotiations in your own country then you give up the political weight of your nation and surrender to terrorists, criminal rioters or political incompetence.

And of course, you must show the political strength to organize a meeting like the G20 not on a remote island but in the metropolitan areas, like Hamburg. If a country has the not the courage, the resolution and willingness to do so it’s destiny is the one of a weak and decaying state. A global economic power, like Germany, shouldn’t even consider this being an option.  Politicians representing this position are betraying the political and economic interests of their country.

Consequently prosecuting Enemies of the Public Order
But it also has to be remarked, that the law enforcement agencies have to be taken seriously and being budgeted and equipped with all they need to prevent riots and civil war-like battles (like in Hamburg this weekend). The Antifa and the Schwarzer Block must be evaluated as organizations threatening the public order and consequently being prosecuted like this. German and Hamburg politics will have to prove if they really learned the lesson of this weekend.

Comment by: Michael Kraess, Founder and Publisher Maschinenraum der Politik

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Data by: G20 Studies Centre


MdP – WINNING IN DECISIONS: How to Communicate with Partners Around the World

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Michael’s remark: In today’s more and more globalized world it’s crucial to know national communication patterns to win in negotiations and master the art of the deal, economically and politically. This chart is one of the best and deepest going overviews of these patterns. Check it out to win. And follow us to get more info. 



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