MdP – MAPS: Percent of the United States‘ European Exports to each Country


US Exports to Europe
The USA exported $354.3 Billion worth of goods to „European“ countries in 2015. This map shows the percentage of the exports in USD that each country received.

The country that imported the most was Germany. The Germans imported $63.3 Billion or 17%. The country that imported the least amount was San Marino. They imported $1.13 Million or 0.0004%.

Top 5 Countries are:

  1. Germany
  2. UK
  3. France
  4. Netherlands
  5. Belgium/Luxembourg

Bottom 5 countries are:

  1. San Marino
  2. Syria
  3. Andorra
  4. Montenegro
  5. Moldova

Source: The Observatory of Economic Complexity


MdP – MAPS: Die Einzugs- bzw. Entwässerungsgebiete der Flüsse in Europa – ich mag diese Karte

Einzugs- bzw. Entwässerungsgebiete (Begriff aus der Hydrogeographie): 
Das durch Wasserscheiden begrenzte Gebiet, welches durch einen Fluss mit allen seinen Nebenflüssen entwässert wird. Es wird zwischen dem oberirdischen und dem unterirdischen Einzugsgebiet unterschieden.

Wonderful Map: 1.2 million Streams and 8,000 Catchment Areas  


click this link to get to the poster version

The HD map above shows the approximately 8,000 catchment areas of Europe’s 1.2 million streams and rivers. It’s based on the Strahler Stream Order Classification System. The higher the stream order, the thicker the line. I really like this map.

The 10 Longest Rivers in Europe are:

  1. Volga – 3,692km
  2. Danube – 2,860km
  3. Ural – 2,428km
  4. Dnieper – 2,290km
  5. Don – 1,950km
  6. Pechora – 1,809km
  7. Kama – 1,805km
  8. Northern Dvina–Vychegda – 1,774km
  9. Oka – 1,500km
  10. Belaya – 1,430km

The map was created by Robert Szucs (Reddit user Fejetlenfej),
who runs GrasshopperGeography.