MdP – QUOTES: „The Man in the Arena“ by Teddy Roosevelt – I will re post this quote again and again because it’s so important for the political and entrepreneurial makers

In the last decades, we mainly got taught how to develop a criticism ability. And we all developed a black-belt level in criticism. But this „virtue“ is a dead end road if it’s not expanded by the ability to judge, to come to a conclusion, to act. Let’s become and develop makers, not no-sayers, not nay-sayers or sophisticated reviewers and „Monday morning quarterbacks“. Let’s get in the arena, now. That’s what we need.

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MdP – MUST READ ARTICLE: „The Uprising of the Global Middle Class“ published in The Atlantic

Battle for the soul of the nation in the US a premonition of national clashes worldwide
The current battle for the soul of the United States of America is not about a Trump. It’s a premonition for global inner-cultural and national clashes caused by the globalization of the economy and, even more, by the globalization of the information flow, which fortunately cannot be longer controlled by the mass media.

The political road ahead will get a little bumpy 
Basically, these are very good developments, but the political road ahead will get a little bumpy and we have to expect some turbulences. So my advice for everyone in the political arena: Let’s stay on course and tighten the helmets a bit more firmly.

MUST READ: The Atlantic – The Uprising of the Global Middle class by Moises Naim


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MdP – MUST READS: Dr. Udo Brömme – Zukunft ist gut für alle – Geheimrezepte eines Premium-Politikers

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Deutschland befindet sich in einer tiefen Krise: Die Heuschrecken des globalisierten Kapitals vertilgen gierig unsere Sparstrümpfe. Fitnessbesessene Senioren verjubeln die Rentenkassen. Jetzt kann nur noch einer helfen: Dr. Udo Brömme, CDU-Abgeordneter im Bundestag und Hoffnungsträger seiner Partei. Mit visionärer Kraft weist er in diesem Buch einen Weg aus dem deutschen Kummertal und gewährt intime Einblicke in seine Wahlkampfarbeit. Außerdem zeigt der sympathische Menschenfischer, wie wichtig der Sieg beim Stiefelsaufen für den Aufstieg in der Partei sein kann.


MdP – LIFE HACKS FOR POLITICAL PROFESSIONALS: Reasons to avoid talking on the phone – Part one


Michael’s opinion: I know some people, especially in my age cohort, think differently. But I guess the generation of the Millennials understands my point. I’m reluctant to phone calls out of different reasons. THE OATMEAL is a hilarious artist and writer, which I admire. You have to visit his website. I will make a small serial about his reasons to avoid talking on the phone. Please comment if you agree, totally disagree or if this topic doesn’t matter to you.