MdP – BUNDESTAGSWAHL: BDI entwickelt umfassende Handlungsempfehlungen für die Politik – bestes Papier zur BTW17

Der Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie hat ein umfassendes Dokument mit Handlungsempfehlungen für die deutsche Politik in der kommenden Legislaturperiode entwickelt. Ich habe sehr, sehr viele Wahlprüfsteine der relevanten deutschen Wirtschafts-, Branchen- und Fachverbände eingehend gelesen und komme zu dem folgenden Fazit: Das BDI Papier ist ein unglaublich gut gemachtes Dokument, sowohl inhaltlich (umfassend und tiefgehend) als auch von der Darstellung. Congrats an den BDI. 


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THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: MdP Serial – Understanding the cultural clash in the country of our most valuable ally

Present battle for the soul of the nation
Even though the US is going through a battle for the soul of this great nation, they’re still our most valuable ally. We should keep calm and keep on going in establishing as many, broad and deep relations as possible. And we should deepen our understanding of what is really going on in the biggest western democracy. It’s a much, much deeper cultural clash than just the person being POTUS. Probably we will face similar confrontations in the EU and in Germany in the future. And we should be smart enough to learn and understand, to prevent or at least prepare for the challenges appearing on the horizon.

Regional disparities as one dimension of a nation’s soul
Let’s have a look at the geographical distribution of the GDP in the US today. Regional disparities are one dimension of the battle for the soul of the nation. What can we learn: Let’s definitely continue our policy of avoiding and minimizing regional disparities in our country, or even better in the European Union.

The infographics were produced and published by based on data aggregated by the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the World Bank

MdP – MAPS: Die Einzugs- und Entwässerungsgebiete der Ströme in Afrika

Einzugs- bzw. Entwässerungsgebiete (Begriff aus der Hydrogeographie): 
Das durch Wasserscheiden begrenzte Gebiet, welches durch einen Fluss mit allen seinen Nebenflüssen entwässert wird. Es wird zwischen dem oberirdischen und dem unterirdischen Einzugsgebiet unterschieden.

1024x1024 (1)

Die längsten Flüsse in Afrika: 

– Nil 6.671 km
– Kongo 4.835 km
– Niger 4.160 km
– Sambesi 2.660 km
– Ubangi 2.280 km
– Kasai 2.200 km
– Webi Shebele 1.950 km
– Blauer Nil 1.900 km
– Volta 1.900 km
– Oranje 1.860 km
– Cubango 1.800 km
– Luvua 1.800 km
– Juba 1.650 km
– Limpopo 1.600 km
– Lomami 1.500 km

The HD map show catchment areas of African streams and rivers. It’s based on the Strahler Stream Order Classification System. The higher the stream order, the thicker the line.

If you like this map then click on this link to get to my post with the map of European rivers and streams.

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The map was created by Robert Szucs (Reddit user Fejetlenfej),
who runs GrasshopperGeography.

MdP – MAPS: Percent of the United States‘ European Exports to each Country


US Exports to Europe
The USA exported $354.3 Billion worth of goods to „European“ countries in 2015. This map shows the percentage of the exports in USD that each country received.

The country that imported the most was Germany. The Germans imported $63.3 Billion or 17%. The country that imported the least amount was San Marino. They imported $1.13 Million or 0.0004%.

Top 5 Countries are:

  1. Germany
  2. UK
  3. France
  4. Netherlands
  5. Belgium/Luxembourg

Bottom 5 countries are:

  1. San Marino
  2. Syria
  3. Andorra
  4. Montenegro
  5. Moldova

Source: The Observatory of Economic Complexity


MdP OPINION 202: G20 – It really Makes Sense

G20 – Negotiations instead of Wars
The riots and crimes in Hamburg caused a discussion in Germany if the G20 meetings make sense and are worth their price. I think this is a ridiculous discussion. Of course, they make sense. If you have a look at the infographic you will see what an immense political and economic power the G20 states have in our globalized economy. It’s a fantastic discussion and decision making platform and it replaces war threats by communication. In the past armed conflicts were caused by much lesser important topics than the ones being discussed and solved on the G20 meetings. Let’s be proud on mankind to have formed a cooperation like this.


Being G20 Host – The Difference between a Successful State or a State in Decay
And of course, it’s much better to have the G20 meetings not solely at the UN HQ in NYC as some political parties want. If you don’t want to have international negotiations in your own country then you give up the political weight of your nation and surrender to terrorists, criminal rioters or political incompetence.

And of course, you must show the political strength to organize a meeting like the G20 not on a remote island but in the metropolitan areas, like Hamburg. If a country has the not the courage, the resolution and willingness to do so it’s destiny is the one of a weak and decaying state. A global economic power, like Germany, shouldn’t even consider this being an option.  Politicians representing this position are betraying the political and economic interests of their country.

Consequently prosecuting Enemies of the Public Order
But it also has to be remarked, that the law enforcement agencies have to be taken seriously and being budgeted and equipped with all they need to prevent riots and civil war-like battles (like in Hamburg this weekend). The Antifa and the Schwarzer Block must be evaluated as organizations threatening the public order and consequently being prosecuted like this. German and Hamburg politics will have to prove if they really learned the lesson of this weekend.

Comment by: Michael Kraess, Founder and Publisher Maschinenraum der Politik

Infographic by:
Data by: G20 Studies Centre