MdP – PREVIEW THE FUTURE: This Invention can turn Seawater into Drinking Water affordably

Michael’s opinion: In Old Europe, we are too reluctant and critical towards new technologies. Maybe we shouldn’t be as a technology enthusiastic as US Americans. But more „German Mut“ and „German Zuversicht“ would definitely be a helpful motto when it comes to the use of new tech. Here’s a great example for my conviction that mankind will master its problems. An invention made by the Manchester University. 

by and University of Manchester

MdP SERIAL – PREVIEW THE FUTURE: Sophia The Human Robot Completely Freaked Out Interviewers on British Television Channel ITV


Michael’s remark: In the serial PREVIEW THE FUTURE MdP will give you glimpses of what we will experience in our lifetime, technology-wise and culturally. 

In this video, the human robot Sophia, which was created by Dr. Robert Hanson, is interviewed by TV hosts on the channel ITV in the UK. 

The state of this robot technology might be similar to the first car-based phones in the field of communications. And you know what our smartphones can do today. I can’t even imagine what robots will be able to do in 20 years. 

What do you think? 

MdP SERIAL – THE EXTERIOR PERSPECTIVE ON US: George Friedman at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs


Michael’s opinion: THE EXTERIOR PERSPECTIVE ON US is a MdP Serial in which international speakers or organizations are expressing their views about Germany and its role in Europe and the world.  

The first episode is a surprisingly explicit and open speech of George Friedman at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Let me point out that I’m a natural-born trans-Atlantic minded person. But I assume it’s good to know how our American friends are internally discussing their role and their strategy in the world. 

The Chicago  Council on Global Affairs is a highly renowned organization that over the decades was the host for a legion of global statesmen.  Click this link to get to their homepage.

The speaker George Friedman was the founder and CEO of Stratfor. Stratfor is a private consultancy on geopolitics and strategic forecasting. Meanwhile, his new entrepreneurial home is Geopolitical Futures ( and 

Doku: Die Wannseekonferenz 1942 (Bayerischer Rundfunk, 1984)

Wichtiger Hinweis / Warnung: Diese Dokumentation bzw. spielfilmartige Darstellung der Wannseekonferenz wurde vom Bayerischen Rundfunk anhand der Protokolle und sonstiger Primärquellen erstellt. Diese historische Korrektheit zeigt das unglaublich zynische, unmenschliche und verabscheuungswürdige Wesen des Nationalsozialismus. Diese Doku ist nach meiner Meinung nur für stabile Personen über 16 Jahren geeignet.